Friday, 30 December 2011

Baby Cake Promotion

Baby Cake Promotion !!!!

Hi all.. sorry lame x update my baby cake..anyway glad to hear good feedback from people yg pernah order my baby cake nie.Syukur alhamdulillah walaupun my idea for each baby cake tidak setanding baby cake out there tp masih ade sudi yg bertanye pun dah bersyukur..hehehe

Hujung thn nie byak sgt agenda plus i sibuk deal with supplier utk baby cake ... I'll try my best to give the best choice of baby stuff.So for this entry i nak buat baby cake promotion for u olls :)  ..
Item baby cake promotion RM110.00

1 receiving blanket
1 baby bips
1 per-walker shoes/booties
1 short/long sleeve rompers
1 soft toys

* Promotion nie untuk 6 baby cake = 3 boys + 3 girls (boleh reedem pada bila2 masa)

p/s : sesiape ade request utk buat baby cake within ur budget bole contact me jgak

Cth baby cake for this promotion

bile tgk gmbar blk and i decide nak masukkan this 2 below.......termasuk dlm promo RM100!!!!

huhuhhu..tutup mate je buat promotion..takpe la asalkan u olls dpt order within Ur budget..any enqueries do contact me.

email :-

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