Monday, 17 December 2012

1 year - nets baby cakes

Hi all,

Alhamdulillah ..nets baby cakes sudah 1 thn beroperasi entry kali nie takde hasil kerja yg baru utk di upload semue dlm progress ,utk diaper cakes pula tak sempat upload. try my best upload mlm nie ok. kali nie rotate gmbr nk perhabiskan stock brg yang ade.ade $$$ bole pg shopping kain baru yg cntik2 lg and stock brg utk diaper cakes.wink!wink!

Thank you for browsing at nets baby cake and hope u all enjoy browsing in future too.I would like to do spring cleaning of my work to give space for the new designed hope who interested can email me ,i can reserved the item fisrt and release when the full payment done.

set A - available  set B - sold

sarung tilam baby ONLY with free 2x baby pillow + pillow case 
each : RM60.00 (include postage)

 baby quilt + 1x baby pillow +pillow case
designer cotton
cotton batting (thin)
 each : RM100 (include postage)

 baby quilt
designer cotton
1'inch fiber batting (thick)
left : RM150 (include postage) - after RM20 off - 2x baby pillow + pillow case
right : RM140.00 (include postage) - 1x baby pillow + pillow case 

for diaper cakes order free shipping for THIS WEEK ORDER ONLY   ended

right : SOLD , left : available

 this is ready stock diaper cakes, can customize with other design also

OPPSSS check lg tertinggal lg satu yg nie!!

sarung tilam only - free 2x baby pillow + pillow case
designer cotton + japanese cotton
RM95.00 include postage

left : SOLD            right : available
RM115.00 include postage


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